About DJ Xavier:

Name: Hüseyin
Born in Germany
DJ: Since 1999 (Professional DJ since 2001)
Music style: Turkish Pop, House, Hip-Hop, Old School, Charts
Best of different styles.

In 1998, DJ Xavier gets in contact for the first time with the DJ equipment like CD player and mixer, as a friend of him gave up his job and offered him that free position.
The employment in the club did not take too long, as he started studying and had to move for this reason.

After DJ Xavier was spinning records as a hobby and on casual parties with friends and acquaintances, he began his work as a professional DJ in 2001.

In the first stage, he played on Turkish celebrations. After that he worked together with a German agency and was playing every weekend in many cities across Germany.

As he had to play mainly music from the charts, it became too monotonous for him and he finished the cooperation with this agency after only one year.

Till this date, DJ Xavier has proved his performence on countless parties, celebrations and in various venues such as clubs, discos, bars, hotels, etc.
He picks only the best of Turk-Pop, Oriental (Arabic, Greek), Balkans, House, Hip-Hop, Old School and Charts.
His experience lends him a sense for the right choice of music to lift the spirit permanently.

On the other hand, his passion for the theater and his study-course (television technology and electronic media, so the TV) came true in his real life by a nice coincidence. So he started to work as a double (lookalike) aswell.

He performed on various shows and private events. This aroused the interest of the media such as RTL, Hurriyet, SABAH, BILD, SAT1... .
He even made it to the Guinness Book of World Records (Guinness 2000, "the world's biggest meeting of doubles").

Than he performed on several events and stage-shows as the double (lookalike) of the German soul singer Xavier Naidoo.
He attracted high attention through the press and media, until that in 2004 he had the pleasure to act together with Xavier N. in the same videoclip. Thus he presented his talent for acting again, with success!

Hereby you have also learned how the stage-name DJ Xavier was born.